Carole Spackman Ceramics  Birds - Owls, Wrens & many more


My sculptures capture the fleeting moments of change. These visible moments echo the underlying unseen evolutionary mutations, that lead to new adaptations to survive in this tough mountain climate; the nuthatch, as it is about to fly away; the owl as it is about to capture its prey, having quietly waited for the right moment......

Sleeping Owl

Ht 29cm
£135 plus postage

'Peter' the Owl


Owl is Worried

Height 24.5cm   £90 Reduced to £70 

Owl Peers Round


Owl Looks Down

Height  27cm   £95

Owl is Confident

Height  19cm  Sold

Small Barn Owl


Tawny Owl

Height 21cm

Yaffle Bird

Height 21cm

£88 including mainland UK postage

The green woodpecker, also known as the Yaffle or Rain-bird, calling with its laughing cackle from nearby woodland foretells approaching wet weather.



Height 22cm
£88 including mainland UK postage   

The wheatear, whose name derives from the white flash of its underside, which can be seen as it takes off from rocks on the mountain.

Little Owl


The little owl is about to capture its prey, having quietly waited for the right moment.


Height 22cm


The nuthatch, about to take off in search of the next food source.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Sold but similar ones are available.

Singing Wren

            A small bird with a surprisingly loud song. 
The wren can sing two different notes simultaneously with Its vocal chords     much closer to the lungs than in humans.
Height:  1 1 . 5cm
£48 plus postage at cost.  

Wren on Pot with Singing Wren

Similar ones available £48 & £54.



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